onsdag 28 augusti 2013

Swedens finest!

Liselotte Watkins: Illustrator and Set designer at Lund Lund agency in Stockholm.

These are all various fashion and magazine illustrations.

Nina Hemmingsson: Comicbook artist published by Kartago.

First one is the cover for her book "So fucking normal"

And these two are very typical comics that i think grasp the most commonly use subjects and moods that u come across reading her stories.

Ola Skogäng: Comicbook artist

måndag 19 augusti 2013


Cover for Bon Ivers second album. Made by Gregory Euclide.

I love his color palette and his uniqe mix of 3d and watercolor. 
Reminds me of my home in the north of sweden. Cold and damp but beautiful.

A page from a comic made by Jeffrey Brown. 

His artwork goes well together with his way of telling stories. 
Naive but brutally honest about how he experienced the situations that he illustrates.

Digital photo collage made by Ruud Van Empel.

I went to his exhibition at fotografiska in stockholm last winter. His way of using digital techniques to put together these fairytale worlds where only kids exists is like nothing i had seen before. The ones set during the night was my favourites like this one. I usually find forests scary during night but these photos give me a very mysterious and magical feeling.

Cover of Hellboy by Mike Mignola.

Hellboy is one of my favourite superheroes. Always struggling with his origins and so called destiny. He always just barely gets away and saves the day. Even though he is a prince of hell its quite clear that hes not an invincible superman. And i think that this cover shows that in a really good way. The hero on a crumbling stone in a sea of fire with danger is coming from behind.

This is an image from the movie Garden state Directed by Zach Braff.

This is by far most the best scene in the entire film. Cause its visually hilarious and quite effectively shows how uncomfortable the main character is with his remaining family members.

Movie poster for the animated movie Paprika. Directed by Satoshi Kon.

This is one of my all time favorite anime movies. Probably because its one of the most visually stunning animes ive seen. So colorful and imaginative. Most of the film is set in dreams so everything is really abstract and the sets switch all the time in obscure ways like dreams do. And most of the scenes are exploding with small details of homages to film and all kinds cultural references from japan and the rest of the world. And this poster is quite good at showing what to expect from this film. color, details and mystery.

Zoo portraits is a series of portraits by photographer Yago Partal. 

As you can see he photoshops animals together with stylish outfits.
This is my favourite one, simply because i really find koalas interesting, always wanted one as a pet when i was a kid. But about the photo: Its simple with great choices of clothes to give each of the animals their own personality.  

This is a still from the video game Limbo by developer Play dead.

About a boy that wakes up in a dark forest having to fend of giant spiders and other evil and dark creatures. The game has an eerie atmosphere that is a good mix of sounds and the silhouettes in the foreground together with the grey scaled backgrounds that give hints of a massive world full of danger. I cant play this game with my feet on the floor beacause im scared and i love that it affects me that way.

Still from the musicvideo to Wandering star - Polica. Directed by ELY.

A beautiful video to a beautiful song. About a woman sitting in a art studio alone. And dancers coming out from covered paintings. Not really sure if she is seeing them or if she justs feels there presence as a kind of inspirational feeling. This shot is from the end of the video where the dancers have left her covered in paint in an euphoric state. There is something really sad about this image that i think is because she is suddenly alone again. Lying there like jesus on the cross.

Illustration for an episode of the cartoon Adventure time. Made by Pendleton Ward.

A fantastic show about the Finn last human on earth that lives with his brother the magical shapeshifting dog Jake. They always push the boundries in this show and this was a very special episode where they take Jakes shapeshifting powers to a new level by letting finn wear him like a suit. Maybe not the best cartoon for kids. But its this kind of crazy imagination without limits that can really kickstart other peoples creative thinking.