onsdag 7 maj 2014


I was Lucky enough to get chosen to be a part of Made in Arts Londons "Bigger ,Brighter, Bolder" exhibition this spring. This also means i am featured on their webpage where you also can by my screen prints that i made for the show.

Link to my MiAL profile!

Me with my framed prints at the showroom:

BIOGRAPHY: Animating and editing

Stills from the film.
Put hand drawn digital animations of faces and effects together with the stop motion animation.


Having the idea and everything decided i sprung into action by making the model for the lab and the dolls. Everything out of watercolourpaper to get that nice texture of the washes mixed with fine liners to get som extra details in there. Here are som photos from the build and shoot:


As i mentioned before i decided to do an animation out of my project. I looked at different stop-motion films and found one that really interested me visually. I posted it here a while back but here it is again:

38-39˚c by Kangmin Kim

This film really intrigued me. Because its visuals are so full of detail and the use of watercolor washes on all surfaces gives it such a lovely texture. so i decided that this was going to be my starting point of my project.

Having researched a lot about Rosalind, Two things got stuck in my head. One was her relationship with Maurice Wilkins that was strained and kind of immature (Probably a little bit from both parts) Something i can relate to a lot, cause most arguments and bickering you have with friends and family are often based on really small matters.
And the second is her love for paris. In letters to her friends she often said that she had been crazy to change the warmth and excitement of Paris for a small basement lab in grey London. Also relatable to me especially now that i feel homesick to Stockholm a lot and miss my friends and old life. But me as well as her came here with a purpose. So she stuck through all of it just because she believed in something, and that is admirable.

Based on this i came up with my scenario. Wilkins being an immature prick throwing mean letters to Rosalinds desk. With the name Rosie on it (A nickname she despised cause all of the men at the college used it.) This letter infuriating her and wilkins leaving the room. Rosalind drifts of in a daydream of paris that turns wrong but she gets a hint of the double helix structure pushing her to keep on with her work.

söndag 23 mars 2014


New project started. We all got given a name of a person that we will be researching and in the final piece create a piece that symbolises a part or this persons entire life.

I got given the scientist Rosalind Franklin. Most famous for her part in the discovery of the structure of D.N.A. A story that is filled with intrigue and mystery. In short the story goes that the researchers that achieved the Nobel price for the Double helix model four years after Rosalinds death by Ovarian cancer admitted a book written by one of the researchers that they had used Rosalinds research without her knowledge to help with their own work. Rosalind completely unaware of this when she died.

I have decided to focus on the feministic aspects of Rosalinds character. After reading a lot and watching this documentary about her it is clear that she was a very fierce and confident woman that knew what she wanted to do in life, no matter what her family and friends said. And that is something that i admire and can relate to.

My final piece will probably be an animation as that is an area that i want to become better in.

tisdag 4 mars 2014


This is our finished manifest. We skipped our first idea and went into a more graphic novel/ kids book way of storytelling to get a better narrative throughout the book.

lördag 1 mars 2014

Paper craft and stop motion animation inspiration

Found this amazing illustrator named Ollanski that makes awesome papercrafts.

Here are some tips and inspirational materials for how to make my own:

Also these animated films made me think a lot about how i could apply this to my own practice.

38-39˚c by Kangmin Kim

Back to the start by Johnny Kelly (He had a VP talk a few weeks ago. Really inspiring man.)

onsdag 26 februari 2014


These were my drawings in response to looking at the book of keels and old bestiary drawings.

The first one explaining how humans are destroying the planet and magical creatures take refuge in this safe haven hidden in the depths of the forest.

The other is an introduction to my creature and how it is connected to nature and appears to kids in need.

Unfortunately these were scrapped and we decided to go for another idea with a better sense of narrative. Kind of like a children's book, but with more of a dark tone to it.

torsdag 20 februari 2014


We sat down to talk about our plans for making a manifesto for our creatures and the world that they live in. They live in a magical forest glade which is nourished by Rosies slug creature that lives in a tree in the middle that the other creatures take care of to make sure that the forest will continue to grow. One subject that came up was also their issues with humanity. Humans are destroying the planet and the forests are getting smaller and smaller making this glade one of the final safe havens for other magical creatures that take shelter in their glade.

For inspiration of style we decided to look at The book of Kells and classic Beastiary illustrations.

Book of Kells:


måndag 17 februari 2014


The shoot was so much fun. Everyone in my group got along very well. Everyone got to direct their own scenes with their creatures and i filmed after their storyboards.

Photos from the shoot:


The next part of this assignment was to get into groups and make a film about the creatures that we had made.

We were assigned the word MEET to have our film revolve around our creatures meeting. After in depth discussions of our creatures personalities we came up with this idea of all of them being invited to a party and their personalities showing in how they react to the invite. And since all of the creatures reside in the forest we filmed in parks nearby school. And Jacksons character lives in a cardboard house which explains the set we built. I did the filming and editing and helped design the set.
Here is a link to the video:

This is the costumes in my group: