söndag 23 mars 2014


New project started. We all got given a name of a person that we will be researching and in the final piece create a piece that symbolises a part or this persons entire life.

I got given the scientist Rosalind Franklin. Most famous for her part in the discovery of the structure of D.N.A. A story that is filled with intrigue and mystery. In short the story goes that the researchers that achieved the Nobel price for the Double helix model four years after Rosalinds death by Ovarian cancer admitted a book written by one of the researchers that they had used Rosalinds research without her knowledge to help with their own work. Rosalind completely unaware of this when she died.

I have decided to focus on the feministic aspects of Rosalinds character. After reading a lot and watching this documentary about her it is clear that she was a very fierce and confident woman that knew what she wanted to do in life, no matter what her family and friends said. And that is something that i admire and can relate to.

My final piece will probably be an animation as that is an area that i want to become better in.

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