onsdag 7 maj 2014


As i mentioned before i decided to do an animation out of my project. I looked at different stop-motion films and found one that really interested me visually. I posted it here a while back but here it is again:

38-39˚c by Kangmin Kim

This film really intrigued me. Because its visuals are so full of detail and the use of watercolor washes on all surfaces gives it such a lovely texture. so i decided that this was going to be my starting point of my project.

Having researched a lot about Rosalind, Two things got stuck in my head. One was her relationship with Maurice Wilkins that was strained and kind of immature (Probably a little bit from both parts) Something i can relate to a lot, cause most arguments and bickering you have with friends and family are often based on really small matters.
And the second is her love for paris. In letters to her friends she often said that she had been crazy to change the warmth and excitement of Paris for a small basement lab in grey London. Also relatable to me especially now that i feel homesick to Stockholm a lot and miss my friends and old life. But me as well as her came here with a purpose. So she stuck through all of it just because she believed in something, and that is admirable.

Based on this i came up with my scenario. Wilkins being an immature prick throwing mean letters to Rosalinds desk. With the name Rosie on it (A nickname she despised cause all of the men at the college used it.) This letter infuriating her and wilkins leaving the room. Rosalind drifts of in a daydream of paris that turns wrong but she gets a hint of the double helix structure pushing her to keep on with her work.

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