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AUTHOR: 5 Primary needs

Got an assignment that was about analyzing myself to figure out my 5 primary need. (And not the obvious things like water, air and food) What are my needs? A question that made me nervous for some reason. Just the fact that i would have to share them with the rest of my class probably has a big part in it. 

To figure this out i just used Maslows pyramid for the hierarchy of needs as a base for my research. 
 I went through all of the different categories and thought hat they all meant to me. It got interesting at the social needs. I am a very social person, i need my friends more than anything. To give and get support and affection is something that i cannot live without and if i am stripped of this in times of need i sink into deep depressions.

And then on to my esteem needs. This was an easy one the two things that change my self esteem is how i preform at my job and school. I have gotten different types of praise for different parts of my personality that i am very proud of. Especially the fact that i am very punctual and almost never late.

Self-actualizing needs. "This is the highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Self-actualizing people are self-aware, concerned with personal growth, less concerned with the opinions of others, and interested fulfilling their potential."

I decided to read this as "The things i need to do to keep myself happy with my life". So i choose Improving my art, Recognintion as an artist, Exploring the world and movement, Living for myself and love. Some things is something that im striving towards but just the feeling that im going there is enough at the moment and others i wouldnt survive without. If im feeling like im not doing what i want to do just to please others i get really depressed. One of the reasons i moved to London was to get away from that feeling.

So in the end i went through all of my drawings on the matter and picked out my 5 primary needs as single word:

-ADVENTURE (Exloring new things in life)
-RECOGNITION (For my achievements in drawing or other career choices)
-HONESTY (I need to feel that i am honset with myself and others)
-AFFECTION (Hugs, kisses and just the feeling that someone is there to listen to you)
-MYSELF (My needs in life come first, a little bit selfish  know but at least im honest about it)

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