torsdag 29 januari 2015



I knew before picking my brief that i wanted to do an animation. Because i enjoyed doing it last year as my final piece and it is a field i want to know more about. So when i found the WETRANSFER brief it just felt like the obvious choice.

This term Ive been focusing on improving my digital skills so i decided to make the animation using vector illustrations. I spent a lot of time just thinking about myself and who i wanted to be in 10 years. Sketching at the same time. After a few days i started to draw this landscape that was some type of safe haven for me and my creativity.  Drawing up a simple storyboard about a man meditating at the top of a mountain surrounded  with foxes and owls.

Meeting with Luke helped a lot since he gave me a lot of good ideas on what to focus on.

In the end i have made a film where a man is struggling with his art and we enter his imagination and follows a fox climbing this landscape eventually reaching the top revealing this as a piece of art the same man has made in the future.

The fantasy land is based on things that inspire me. So its very video game influenced.

To me this film is a hope that i will get more secure with my creativity but also stay my childish and colorful self.

Also the film Isn't completely finished but i am going to keep working on it until the deadline for the competition.

10 years from Kulturgaraget on Vimeo.

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