torsdag 29 januari 2015



A quick thinking project. It was a lot of fun to do and i discovered some new ways of making imagery.

I used only vector illustration for this one as it is something that i wanted to become better at and it fitted the brief very nicely.

The first piece is for the article about the differences of the rich and poor. The part about it that caught my eye was the high number of homeless students in American schools. So my piece is of homework being done in an alley. Cause where do you do your homework if you don´t have a home?

The other piece was about a man and his digital addiction to his ipad, describing how an ocean of calm running over him as he flips through apps and buzzfeed pages. So an image of an ipad being a swimming pool popped up in my head during the workshop. I was thinking about what made me calm like that. My answer is swimming, Im never as calm as when Im diving under water.
Here is my final piece:

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