torsdag 29 januari 2015



I struggled a lot with this project. Mostly because reportage drawing seems so vast so in the beginning i couldn't really figure out what it was to me.

After the first workshop having been to Elephant and castle i was even more unsure. I spent some time walking around in Deptford where i live and decided to focus on that area. The reason was that in Deptford gentrification is having a quick uprising and a lot of interesting stories on the subject appeared.

My final piece is a reportage comic that focuses on the events sorrounding the opening of the pub called "The job centre" Opening in the same place as the Jobcentre that had to close down a few years before. Making the locals saying it felt like a slap in the face. The final piece is supposed to be a double spread in a magazine.

I had a fever during this period so most of my research is based on people ive seen on the street and youtube clips about the subject.

Here are some research sources:

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